The Power Of One. And It Only Really Takes Just One.

The Power Of One. And It Only Really Takes Just One.


Growing up I looked at writing as something I was not good at. Mainly because I had zero value in my thoughts, plus, who in the hell was going to want to hear what I have to say in the first place? And the more I’d tell myself that putting my thoughts on paper was really not my thing, the more insecure I became about it.

For the longest time, writing symbolized a series of tiny little deaths of my soul, every time I had to do it. From grammar to spelling and punctuation, All things I’m still not very good at. I feared those things way less than having to sit down and make my thoughts real by putting them on paper.

Mainly because I felt there was already so many writers that were already doing a pretty great job, why should I jump in? And what would I write about? Thinking I had to write a certain way and about popular topics in order to grab someones attention long enough for them to relate. Still, who wants to hear this shit right?!

Until you get a message from a friend thanking you for sharing your thoughts, expressing how it’s your words that are helping them navigate through this part of their life. One person that took the time out of her day to reach out and thank me for having the nerve to put my thoughts out into the world to be judged. The power of this one person gave me the validation to have the audacity, to keep telling my truth. She gave me the signal to keep going, just like the countless words I have listened to from others I respect.

There is an audience waiting out there in different stages of life and in business that will find value in the thoughts I have to offer. You only need to reach just one. One person that may be going through similar things that you have gone through and have not been able to see themselves out of it yet. And all it takes is for you to get over any fears you have about being judged by others and get your story out there! It’s worth it! You choose how you want to invite people into your life. I have been told by many people over the years to put myself out there. We all have different stories to tell, and somebody needs to hear yours.