What are your clients saying to you? What are their goals? How on board are they to put in the work to get what needs to be done on their end? How committed are they to themselves and their future they envision?

Problems easily remedied by paying attention and really listening to what their needs are. All clients are not created equally!

Understanding this concept has advanced my growth as a creative and a business owner. I’ve learned that not all clients are good communicators as others. And you will have to spend a lot of your time extracting information out of them. Other clients are more emotional than what we might be used to. They cling on to and associate every pitfall as something that is happening to them instead of because of them.

Some of them are type A and others are too non-confrontational. Whatever the case, I’ve learned that the best place to start with any client is EMPATHY. Taking that time to truly understand what they are saying to me, what mental space are they in at this current moment? What things are they confronted with that may be blocking any results?

Knowing better what makes your clients operate gives you the tools you need to break down who they are, what their mission and message are to the world and how you can help communicate that to the masses. So slow down. Listen to what’s being said and not just to what you’re hoping they say and care. Your clients will thank you for it and you’ll be better off because of it. Everybody wins.