Our Process

No matter where you are, BAM is ready to jump in and find out how we can move you to the next phase of your journey. Below are the steps of our Process starting with a deep investigation into who you are and what is your unique offering to the world.

P.A.C.T. + Discovery + Implement + Launch

1. Our P.A.C.T.

A Beach And Main (BAM) P.A.C.T. is the first step to investing in yourself. Together we’ll develop a PARTNERSHIP on how to work through your challenges, allowing BAM to hold you ACCOUNTABLE to your journey, keeping you COMMITTED to achieving your goals, so you can learn the tools to help you TAKE ACTION.

2. Discovery

Off to the beach

In this phase we’ll explore your business ideas, talents, and passions. We pinpoint what you alone offer to the world and in what ways you most naturally excel at it. We will also establish what materials and resources that will take your creative passion from the vision stage to functional reality. 


+  Defining how you and Beach And Main will work together to achieve your goals

+  Developing strategy and work schedule

+  Discovery meetings to discuss goals, values, and project needs

+  Defining what it is that you are uniquely good at

+  Working together to define your brand voice and message

+  Defining values, mission, and vision statement


+ P.A.C.T.Business Plan Worksheet

+ Goal List Start 30, 60, 90 Calendar

+ Values List

+ Mission Statement Worksheet

+ Vision Statement Worksheet

+ Brand Voice Worksheet

+ Client Personas Board

+ Attributes Package

3. Implementation

Building your castle

Now we define your particular offerings and discover what benefits and messages resonate best with your desired client base. We develop specific branding elements to introduce (or reintroduce) to your brand.


+ Reviewing brand identity to select key imagery to be used for logo design

Make sure all angles, possibilities, and practicalities have been considered. Explore if there are ways to improve your early concept.

+ Are you marketing to the right people and in the right places?
+ Reviewing product/service demographics of who you should be targeting


+ Mood Boards
+ Brand ID
+ Logo Design
+ Key Imagery
+ Brand Style Guide
+ Identity System
+ Company Product/Service Analysis
+ Attributes Package

4. Ready to launch

The way back to main street

Now we help you dive into the competitive marketplace—fully equipped with the blueprint and tools you need to launch and sustain your brand.


+ Working together to decide on what will be the best avenues to embark on for social media engagement to best tell your story.


+ Communication Plan Worksheet
+ Marketing Materials
+ Social Media Templates
+ Video Promos
+ Image Database
+ Content Stratgey
+ Web Development

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