Stop stalling!

Stop making excuses, telling yourself that you’ll get to your dreams when all of the stars align because they won’t. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been a part of or overheard conversations with able-bodied people waiting for their moments, a moment that is going to change their whole life. This moment is going to make them rich beyond their dreams allowing them to do all of the things they’ve been waiting for all this time, there’s only one thing.

They haven’t gotten off their asses yet and started anything. Not one step, class taken, not even a damn google search of where they need to start aligning themselves with their goals. Nothing! Being a small business owner, I’ve not achieved all of my goals yet, I can tell you that it’s not a fast process.

Sometimes it feels like no progress at all. Slow and steady becomes a mantra for me in the beginning but that’s the only way. Slow. Steady. Consistently. Everyday. But stop stalling. Stop wasting TIME telling the world about your dreams and you’ve done nothing to prepare for it when it comes.

It’s not fair to get people on board with your ideas but when they show up to help you see it through, you haven’t done your part. If you’re serious about any of the things you dream about, take the necessary steps to get the ball rolling. Ask plenty of questions, take notes, and if slow and steady is the path for you, Go Slow. Because slow progress is better than no progress!

Good Luck!