Double Up On the Goals You Set For Yourself.

Double Up On the Goals You Set For Yourself.


“Bro! I don’t think I set my goals high enough… and I think I may be standing in my own way.”

I could feel my soul trying to escape my body when those words spilled out of my friend’s mouth the other day while we were on our way to a bar. This hit so close to home because I’d come to the same conclusion for myself a few days before.

How did he know? How was he in my head and forcing me to address this elephant in the room? Pushing and pulling me to look at the one thing that in many ways is still holding me back? Me!

We talk all the time about setting goals and what we need to do to achieve them but there was something different about this time. I found myself pissed off because these accomplishments were too small. If I want to be able to help others reach their potential in the ways I envision, then I better write down some bigger dreams and throw in a few monetary and material goals. Then double up on what it’s gonna take to get there.

Artist Highlight : Illustrator – Arp Laszlo

Artist Highlight : Illustrator – Arp Laszlo


I’m always curious about why people do the things they do.  No matter if they are well seasoned or just getting started, I love when an artist sets out to express their thoughts on the world. These are people I find exciting and I’d like to introduce you to them and help spread the word about their awesomeness.

Meet Arp Laszlo,

I met Arp about five years ago at a Chamber Of Commerce networking function here in Dunedin, Florida. At the time he was a web developer and designer over at EchoLeaf. Already a father of four, a web builder and a lot on his plate, Arp still had the need to tap back into his creative mind of what his passions were calling him to do and make money doing it in the process. Art! Specifically as an illustrator.

Being an artist myself, I was looking for traits that would show signs of putting in the work and taking it seriously, because making a living as a creative is not an easy task. It takes a lot of work to get where you want to be. Still interested in his “why”, Arp agreed to answer a short list of questions. Here’s a preview of what we’re to expect to see from him in the future.


Q: Why are you making the shift from web guy to illustrator?

Art is what I should have been doing all along. I wanted to attend art school at 11; as a teen, I wanted to be a cartoonist. But having a phenomenal short-term memory meant I got very good grades so I was pushed into more ‘practical’ pursuits by well-meaning people who had never done a creative thing in their lives. Rather than just do something to make a living, I’d rather scratch my creative itch and make a living doing something that engages me wholeheartedly.

Q: What inspires you to illustrate?

Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve just drawn my whole life, except for a bunch of years in my 20s & early 30s where it was pushed aside for other pursuits. But once I got back into it I just drew more and more. What really helped was technology because I can explore techniques that are impossible in analog art. And being able to paint without any setup is a godsend.

But more than anything, it just makes sense to me. That’s not saying that I’m great at it – there are frustrating aspects too as my skills doesn’t meet my standards in many areas. But I’m clear on what I do well and what my limitations are. And the hunger to improve has never been present in anything I’ve done just for money. I just know this is what I’m supposed to do.

Q: How many projects do you have going on at once?

2 art projects currently – which would be 3 if you count my efforts to improve and learn skills. On the web side I usually juggle between 3-6 projects at a time.

Q: What would you like people to know about you as an illustrator?

That I’m available for work. And if you’re looking for someone influenced by comics and children’s books, that I may be the one you’re looking for. Check my work and see if it resonates with you.

Q: What are your overall goals?

To be a complete creator working on graphic novels and stories. And getting the chance to work for hire on interesting projects.

Other places to find Arp.



Take Pride In The Work You’re Doing.

Take Pride In The Work You’re Doing.


Take pride in the work you’re doing. And If you hate what you do … quit! I’m not saying that we all need to be business owners because I know that not everyone is built for all it takes. But I do believe that life is enough of a struggle than to waste your time with climbing the ladder in an industry you hate or is failing to bring you happiness anymore.

It’s taken me time to figure this out, and I will keep saying it until I’m blue in the face. Find out what you are good at, your superpower. Then find your niche or the type of client/consumer you want to work with. Even if you have no interest in being in business for yourself, these same rules can be applied to how you can bring value to someone else’s business.

Even if you are Multipassionate and there are many areas of focus, what it is that only you can bring to the table? Focus your time towards it. Not only will the people around you thank you for it, but you may even start to like the person looking back at in the mirror every morning.

Note: How can you add value to the work you’re doing for your clients, your team, or anyone else your choosing to give your time to or share ideas with.

Writing Your Goals Works.

Writing Your Goals Works.


Recently, I was looking back at some of the personal goals I had written down for myself. After filtering through a long list of what looked more like a wish list for a five-year-old, I landed on some things I wanted to accomplish so I could serve my clients better, become a stronger leader for my family, and a solid advocate for my friends.

So I wrote it all down and here’s where I landed, in 2018 I want to:

1. Become a better speaker – to better explain concepts and collaborate with others more fluidly.

Started speaking at CO Starters by Tec Garage and facilitated by Chris Paradise.

2. Continue getting my thoughts published to become part of bigger conversations I’m interested in.

See articles in Tampa Bay Business Journal.

3. Join a committee or organization – to see anything change, you have to have a seat at the table.

And I’m now a part of the Dunedin Arts and Culture Committee.

4. Mentor/Teach /Coach – help grow another generation of creative thinkers.

Started working part-time at SPC Seminole campus as Design Tutor/Mentor

5. Define my clients as Creative Entrepreneurs with disposable income/ budget towards starting or reviving their passions into a business they love. Oh yeah! And most of them are women.

I can tell you first hand that putting your thoughts on paper increases the chances that it will happen. I’ve already checked the boxes on these small goals and I feel exhilarated. I can’t imagine how blown away I’ll be when the bigger goals I have start to fall into place because of my words on paper.

Have you written down your goals and watched them come to life? If not, what are you waiting for? Start now!


A Job? Or An Opportunity?

A Job? Or An Opportunity?


While on my path of self-improvement, and bridging the gaps between my strengths and weaknesses, I accepted a position/opportunity/challenge as the Digital Media Mentor & Portfolio Coach at St. Petersburg College, Seminole Campus. I will be mentoring students and preparing them for design life in the real world and I get to perfect my craft. So for those who are believers in “those ones who can’t do, teach”. That’s dumb! It’s nothing but silver linings and a lot to learn for everyone involved.