What Streams Of Income Should I Have?

What Streams Of Income Should I Have?


What streams of income should I have? This was one of the hardest questions to answer as I started to focus more time on my business. I spent a lot of time with this question because of how I got into being an entrepreneur in the first place. I had always been working toward owning my own business, but I was taking it slow. Picking up jobs here and there as I worked more steady full-time gigs. As time went by, I got more comfortable with having a job and stopped thinking about my business as much.

So my arrival here has been pretty unconventional, by my standards anyway. I got fired from a job I had at the time, and I was not prepared to make my next move. After looking for a steady gig for a bit, it did not take me long to figure out that I didn’t want a job in the first place. And that I’d be better off doing this for myself.

I needed money and I had to figure out how I would make it without doing things I knew I’d hate myself for later. So I made a list. I sat my ass down and made a list of things I didn’t mind doing on a daily basis, which would allow me to keep my schedule free to work on learning to be a better businessman. None of the jobs I eventually chose paid me large amounts of money, but they demanded less of my time and more importantly, less brain power.

Freeing me up to figure out how Beach And Main is going to make money. After making my list of small jobs, the answer to how I was going to stay afloat was simple. Stick to things you like and that come naturally to you. Do the things you may be doing already and not getting paid for, no matter where you are in your process of becoming a business owner. Keep a few side hustles. If you don’t know what those side hustles need to be, sit down and ask yourself …

-What are the things I’m already good at doing?

-What things would I not mind getting paid to do?

-How much time am I willing to spend on those tasks?

-And will it allow me to grind and stay focused on my goals for my business?