Motivation For Change.

Motivation For Change.


In the past, I was not great at moving on. I’d find myself putting things off because I was afraid that once I made the decision to change, I was never prepared to do anything about it.

If I did not acknowledge that there were things to be changed then, I wouldn’t have to do anything about it. I knew change was easy and people changed their minds all of the time. It is the actions to follow through that are the toughest.

For a long time, I was a willing victim of not taking action. In response to change, I was good at doing nothing. I knew I’d have to live with that. But allowing others to change my life crossed a line. Only I can squash my hopes and dreams, not you. I then decided to make sure that the things I’m working so hard on are things I really want.

So I started paying more attention to my thoughts. I defined what I ideas and goals I saw for myself and how I could use all of this knowledge to help others in the same situation.

I made a plan and moved on.