In The Business Of People

In The Business Of People


So I guess you can call me a collaborator or a guide even a mentor of sorts.

I love figuring out where a person is stuck and working with them to find solutions, get them out of their comfort zone, and into a mindset that is built around taking action toward their goals. My job is to focus all of my efforts towards the development of artists and other creative professionals to get them unstuck, taking leaps of faith, and thinking clearer about the future of their careers.

Over the last year or so as I’ve transitioned from being a designer to THIS, I’ve found it difficult to explain what It is that I do. There are a few factors to this confusion. First, I’ve only seen my career through the lens of being a designer that produces an array of visually pretty things that sells products that I’ve never felt connected to. And then I kinda hate the terms coach, brand designer, marketer etc.  You can see how it’s been confusing to myself and to others to identify what it is that I do.

My passion for guiding creatives is because I’ve been in their shoes. Constantly looking for answers and people who can help me figure it all out. I am a creative thinker and I may use design thinking and coaching as part of my process. It just feels out of place to me to just be classified as one thing. So if I’m to go my own way, I need to develop a better way to talk about how I serve that allows an environment for me and my clients to learn from each other and grow on our own terms.

Thinking back, I’ve constantly been interested in one thing and one thing only. People! I’m interested in how happy we are as people and also in the steps we are taking to improve ourselves and the ones around us.

I have not other interest other than that because I believe that without the people in business, there is no business.

Get A Contract. From Everyone.

Get A Contract. From Everyone.

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If you ever find yourself thinking about working with another person. Get a contract. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped the ball on this one and have been left holding the bag.

So the story goes: You get a referral for a potential client from a friend of yours. The lead calls-needs a rebrand. After selling them on your company and services, you land the job. You talk prices, sign a contract and start the work.

You get halfway through the project before it dawns on you. Who the hell is going to pay the web developer? Then you realize that you are about to be screwed. You see, you did not think to get a contract from the developer because they were already in a working relationship with the client and you assumed they would have their end covered, right?! Nope! Hell no! It’s on you. It’s fucking all on you.

After kicking yourself and questioning if you are even cut out for this line of work – one of two things can happen next:

1. You get into a pissing match with your client and the developer over who’s gonna pay the man. Oh, did I mention that the 3 of you are friends? So the option of killing a friendship is now on the table.


2. You get him paid. Learn from the mess up and move on. And you don’t touch another thing between you without a specific agreement that outlines who’s doing what and who’s paying who.

This may be the most important lesson of the business because losing money you don’t have, that’s lame as fuck.