Writing Your Goals Works.

Writing Your Goals Works.


Recently, I was looking back at some of the personal goals I had written down for myself. After filtering through a long list of what looked more like a wish list for a five-year-old, I landed on some things I wanted to accomplish so I could serve my clients better, become a stronger leader for my family, and a solid advocate for my friends.

So I wrote it all down and here’s where I landed, in 2018 I want to:

1. Become a better speaker – to better explain concepts and collaborate with others more fluidly.

Started speaking at CO Starters by Tec Garage and facilitated by Chris Paradise.

2. Continue getting my thoughts published to become part of bigger conversations I’m interested in.

See articles in Tampa Bay Business Journal.

3. Join a committee or organization – to see anything change, you have to have a seat at the table.

And I’m now a part of the Dunedin Arts and Culture Committee.

4. Mentor/Teach /Coach – help grow another generation of creative thinkers.

Started working part-time at SPC Seminole campus as Design Tutor/Mentor

5. Define my clients as Creative Entrepreneurs with disposable income/ budget towards starting or reviving their passions into a business they love. Oh yeah! And most of them are women.

I can tell you first hand that putting your thoughts on paper increases the chances that it will happen. I’ve already checked the boxes on these small goals and I feel exhilarated. I can’t imagine how blown away I’ll be when the bigger goals I have start to fall into place because of my words on paper.

Have you written down your goals and watched them come to life? If not, what are you waiting for? Start now!