Courageous (adjective): not deterred by danger or pain; brave.

This package is for those who are ready to do whatever it takes to get to the next level.




Invest in your future and save!

6 Month Engagement: $2,400 (2 payments of $1,200)
1 Year Engagement: $4,000 (4 payments of $1,000)

+ 2 one-on-one Zoom meetings (per month) working with Bryan
+ Customized action plan to achieving your goals.
+ Free BAM 13 Week Planners for the duration of your engagement
+ Access to the private Tuning In Facebook group


Minimum 6-month commitment required


Working with Bryan Voliton can range from a variety of activities in your life:
Daily Personal Practices, Work Flow, Personal Branding, Creating Healthy Habits, and Brainstorming Possibilities.
See below the list of items that can be part of your personalized action plan while working with Bryan.



  • Learn how to do things with intention, not just falling into tasks
  • Really committing to doing the work or tasks
  • Implementing a practice to your life – spiritual, meditative, or self-care routine
  • Understanding the value of your life experience
  • Using your experiences as tools to your advantage
  • Developing a healthy mindset to create resiliency
  • Gaining more confidence
  • Help sorting through all the ideas in your head
  • Setting up good habit-forming practices
  • Ways to manage your time to accomplish goals
  • Setting better expectations for goals
  • Developing a daily structure
  • Creating your own gratitude practice
  • Daily journaling
  • Daily documentation to mark growth
  • Building in a self-care creative time into your schedule
  • Understanding your personal brand
  • Understanding how to use social media marketing for yourself and how to be consistent
  • Finding your strength in sharing your story for personal branding
  • Coming up with ideas of ways or topics to express your story/journey for personal branding
  • Building processes or work flow for your life and/or business