This morning, before 8 o’clock, I am reflecting on yesterday. Yesterday, I wrapped up on a week that was filled full of addressing things it I don’t like to do or I may not be necessarily very good at doing but I have to do to progress further as an entrepreneur, as a thinker, and as a business person. So I ended my week doing a couple of things that I know that I’m not that very good at.

Those two things are editing video and editing sound.  I’ve worked in studios with editors for commercials, I’ve worked in studios with editors putting together music and sound but having to do them myself sometimes just makes my brain boil! I made a commitment to myself that I wanted to learn to do these things, at least efficiently enough so that I can get my own content out and then be able to preach the gospel for why these things are important to learn how to do for the advancement of your business and your brand. Then I can turn around and teach those things to my clients.

As a person that likes to live what they talk and talk how they live, I’ve tried to never to prescribe something or give advice on something that I myself don’t truly know about or at least have an experienced myself from a business standpoint. So yeah editing video, editing audio, two of the things that I don’t like to do, but I’m doing them, just to make content that I can put out. I want to make sure I’m putting out content in a way that is right for me and that I do it consistently. Also so that I can do it in a way that I like that is good enough to put out to the world. But there’s still a lot of things for me to learn. I go back and forth between Adobe Premiere because I think that’s the better program with more capabilities for me to produce content, however, I find it very very frustrating starting-out, and sometimes just putting a simple glorified slideshow together in iMovie works just as well! it’s a crazy journey, it’s a crazy learning experience but what I am learning on the other side is… do I like these things?

If I don’t like these things, what am I learning from these things?

And then how can I use these situations to 1. ask for help from someone else, which I do need help so if there’s anybody who can help me, please do! Please raise your hand please hit me up, drop me a message whichever because I do need help with these things or at least learning how to progress through these things.

And secondly past asking for help, I want to know that from failing or succeeding through these things, I want to know how to instruct someone else about these things, I want to at least know the language well enough from fumbling around with them, to where when I do ask for help, and someone does stand up to assist me I can then have an understanding of how to talk them through what I need for that particular piece of content or for my content strategy moving me forward.

Yeah today was just a quick reminder of yesterday and last week so I’m moving into this week with a better understanding of how to get things done for myself, a better understanding of how to ask other people for help, and better understanding of how to give them instructions once they do stand up to actually help me. Let’s keep moving, keep taking action, let’s keep planning to be better for ourselves, for our businesses and for the people around, Peace.