A few months back I had the pleasure of being in a morning meet-up named Breakfast Talk-O, hosted by Elisabeth Brinklow. I was at a table with a multi-generational group of women from many walks but with one commonality: They were all artists or work closely with artists.

Growing up in a house filled with woman leaders, it’s not lost on me, the concept of how women are the cornerstone of our society. They uphold our families, culture and more increasingly now, are big factors in the growth of our economy. Though you’ll never understand it fully if you don’t get to witness it in real time, how they work together to get things accomplished.

Most interesting in this case is the older generation. They still have the ideas, energy, and knowledge to make things happen. And then to unselfishly turn ‘round and teach the younger generation behind them with the unified understanding that there’s still work left to do. As men, I think there’s a lot we can learn here.