From time to time, I find myself really caring about what people think of me. I mean, there are legit times when I really give a damn about things like, the way my voice sounds or shit like, do I sound smart enough? I’ve questioned, am I enough? Do I have what it take to be the person they are looking for to help solve whatever problem they are having?

I torture me, all the way to the point until they open their mouths. That’s when I realize what’s really going on. This PERSON – be they client or potential client – or some new person giving a presentation at a committee I’m a part of, they have the same thoughts in their heads about some story they have cooked up about themselves that’s just not true.

We are just people. People with hopes and dreams of what we think is best to get the most out of this ride as we can. Every day we get is a new opportunity to do better and to go further. And time spent caring too much about what we think about each other is a shame.

Painting by: Mason Gehring