12.05.2017 6:51 am

I’ve always prided myself on how patient of a person I am and working with difficult clients is when I find I need my equanimity the most. I have a meeting with a client that is quickly proving to be a tough nut to crack. We have not been working together that long and I’ve already started finding difficulty pinpointing how we will get the most from our time together.

My ability to keep cool will help turn the potentially disastrous situation into something more pleasing. It’s the tough clients that teach us the most about our businesses and determine what kind of company we want to run for ourselves. Will we be chasing the money because that’s what pays the bills right now?

Or will we stand firm on our abilities and trust in the work we do? Because that’s the reason they hired us in the first place? Tough clients have a funny way of telling us there is more work to be done. Work that’s beyond just getting paid to complete an assignment. They are asking us to be problems solvers to that will help them change the way they see themselves and how that translates into how they run their business. So we should start there first.